Donna Odom

Executive Director

Our Mission

Our mission at SHARE is to educate the community on the importance of our region's African American heritage and to act as a clearing house for information on activities and services in our region that center on racial equity.

SHARE is a source for research and documentation of the history of African Americans in southwest Michigan, and is also committed to fostering connections and conversations on race and providing awareness of racism and the broad societal benefits of its elimination.

Learn More

"Social Justice Organizations in Kalamazoo, MI" is a documentary series developed by Tirrea Billings that aims to showcase the different social justice organizations in Kalamazoo, Michigan, their impact on the community, and how community members can get involved.

Episode 3 is about the Society for History and Racial Equity. (SHARE) Take a few minutes and learn more about our mission and how we're working to change hearts and minds in our community.

Summit On Racism

The SHARE Summit On Racism is our annual signature event. Since 2004, it has been a unique and important venue to bring the community together for open dialogue regarding race and to create solutions to eradicate racism.

We're already hard at work preparing this year's summit and it's never to early to make plans to attend.  Contact us today for information on dates, times and scheduled events. Don't miss this chance to engage, collaborate and generate action steps toward a more just and equitable society.

Visit our Contact Page to request information on dates, times and scheduled events.

The annual Summit On Racism is now sponsored by the Society For History And Racial Equity [SHARE] reflecting its increasing emphasis on racial healing.
This photo is from the 2013 event.

Society For History And Racial Equity
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