A Very Special Thank You To Our Donors!

In-Kind Donors

(Donations of meeting or event space or materials)

Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership

Fetzer Institute

Kalamazoo Community Foundation

Kalamazoo Nature Center

Kalamazoo Public Library

Mitch Kachun

Portage Public Library

Western Michigan University Zhang Archives
and Regional History Center

William and Carrie Venema

YWCA of Kalamazoo

The Legacy Circle

(Original Life Members of the Southwest Michigan Black Heritage Society)

Sherman Ampey & Darlene Wilson

Horace Bulger

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Hudson

Drs. Janice & Arthur James

Mimi Johnson

Zarinah El-Amin Naeem

Alvin & Donna Odom

Drs. Olesope & Eileen Oyelaran

Dr. & Mrs. Romeo Phillips

Jennifer Shoub

Deborah Smith

Joan Sniadecki

Mattie & Marvin Woods

Organizational Donations

Borgess Medical Center

Bronson Healthcare


A special thanks to the Kalamazoo Community Foundation and the Irving S. Gilmore Foundation for their ongoing support.

2017  Donors

Robert and Cynthia Allison

Angela Anderson

Thomas Beech

Martha and Bill Beverly

Janene Breneman

Sherry Brockway

Aaron and Jackie Cantrell

Sharon Carlson

Virginia Caruso

Caren Dybek

Nina Feirer

Byron Foster

Susan K. Freeman

Flo Friender

Judy Gay

Iris Goodhall

Sarah Hardina

Denise Hartsough

Brian Horvitz

Jillian Green

Gail Griffin

Mary T. Gustas

Caitlin Hoag

Elspeth Inglis

Carrie Baskerville Jones

Mitch Kachun

Kelvin and Julie Kohlhass

Sue Ellen and Robert Isaacksen

Catherine Larson

Kalamazoo Friends Meeting

Eunice Levy

Linda and Fritz MacDonald

Franklin McCarroll

George Martin

Joslyn Mason

Bruce Mills

Carl and Mary Ann Mitchell

Lynne Norman

Ludwig Ouzoonian

Mark Pangle

Ed and Ruth Parham

Jeni Payton

Angelica Roberts and Francis Bilancio

Clara and Joe Stewart

Tom and Kathy Vance

William and Carrie Venema

Laurie White

Kristina Wirtz

Katherine Platte on behalf of Caitlin Hoag

Ingrid Rauk

Kristen Roberts

Dave Staiger

Cheryl Stoltzner

Nancy Taylor

Richard and Joyce Wilson

Wendy Van Peenan and Rod Malcolm

Lillie Wolff


Society For History And Racial Equity
471 W. South Street, Suite 42A
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

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