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“The 400-Year Journey: How We Got Where We Are” History Workshop Series addresses the Facing History component of the SHARE Racial Healing Initiative. The Southern Poverty Law Center’s recent study on how our schools teach American enslavement of Africans and concluded that the topic is being taught without adequate breadth or depth.

Their research shows that high school seniors struggle on even the most basic questions about American enslavement of Africans, that there’s a lack of deep coverage of the history of racism in the classroom, and that textbooks fail to provide comprehensive coverage of slavery and enslaved peoples.

As a result, Americans are unable to draw connections between historical events and the concurrent struggles for racial equality or to contextualize how the world they inhabit was shaped by the institution of slavery and its ideological progeny, white supremacy.

In these sessions our goal is to guide participants in drawing those important connections between historical events and how they have led to the ongoing socioeconomic and legal disparities that African Americans face today.

In addition, we will highlight how major African American advancement, from emancipation and reconstruction to the election of the first black president is followed by a backlash that eats away at the progress made.

This lack of understanding of our true history serves as a roadblock to progress in acknowledging and overcoming the harms of white privilege and the recognition of race as a social construct. With this series, we hope to make some progress in eliminating that roadblock.

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